What does "Vasade" mean?

When someone asks, "What does Vasade mean and where did you get the name?"

I always crack a smile because we made something out of nothing. To put it literally, Vasade was a made-up word from hours of daydreaming. Putting random letters together, making it sound good, and building it into a movement is easier said than done. Still, it is a direct example that you can do anything you want to if you go all in. This "made up" word stands for something great. Vasade means to love yourself to lead to self-improvement.

Expressing self-love is a fundamental aspect that leads to your personal development. Some love themselves to the point of being complacent; we encourage people to love themselves enough to make a positive change in their lives. The biggest risk in life is taking no risk at all. Growth starts by holding yourself accountable and being mentally ready to change.

Others may take a harsh or aggressive approach to growth; however, that only works for some. It's important to recognize that self-love and personal development differ for every individual's unique journey and needs. It is not just about looks and physical fitness. Going beyond the surface, self-love is related to battling addiction, dealing with family issues, and other battles you may face. Social media often pushes toxic messages toward us, and we are here to empower you to find your path to self-love and fulfillment, regardless of external pressures.

Networking with the right people, finding the confidence to post on social media, and starting the business you've dreamed of all start with self-love. When you wear Vasade, you wear a reminder to love who you are and to enjoy the journey to becoming your best self. It is all about you. We strive to create high-quality clothing you can enjoy everywhere you go, premium fabrics for the premium individual.
With Vasade, it's not simply about clothing; it's a symbol of self-love and a commitment to enjoy the journey of becoming your best self
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